Political/public service experience: 

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Chris was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives, in 2016 and 2018. He is currently serving his 2nd term as a Representative for District 11.

Leadership, Chair and Appointments:
Elected as Majority Whip Leader, 2019-2020
Chairman of House Appropriations, 2019-2020
Co-Chairman of Joint Appropriations Committee, 2019-2020
International Legislator’s Forum Committee Member 2019-2020

Committee Member:
Serve on Joint Appropriations Committee, 2017-2020
Serve on House Appropriations Committee, 2017-2020

Serve on Government Operations and Audit Committee, 2019-2020

Precinct Committeeman: Elected as committeeman for precinct 1-17 in District 11. Elected 2018.