Call to Donate

Legislative Priorities


I have been honored to serve District 11 in the House of Representatives and on the Appropriations Committee for the past four years. As Chair of Appropriations and a member of the Government Operations and Audit Committee, I have fought for the efficient use of taxpayer dollars, safeguarding the full funding of our State pension and protecting our State trust funds from being used for one-time expenses. Many of my accomplishments as the Appropriations Chair are reflected in prioritizing a State budget that never exceeds revenues.

I am also proud to say that for the past four years, I have sponsored, co-sponsored and supported legislation based on principles that:

  • Cut Taxes
  • Shrink Government
  • Protect our Families
  • Defend our Constitutional Rights
  • Strengthen & Improve our Education System
  • Ensure a Healthy Business Environment & Keep Government out of Business
  • Improve and Maintain State Highways, Roads and Bridges
  • Protect our Elderly and Disabled
  • Prioritize Justice & Public Safety

In 2018, I was elected by my peers in the House of Representatives to serve as a Majority Whip Leader. I have worked hard to be an effective leader and work with all members of the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch – but there is still more work to be done.

I would like the opportunity to further address the issues that face South Dakota by representing District 11 in Pierre and I would greatly appreciate your support.

As you cast your vote on November 3rd, I ask that you vote for Chris Karr to represent District 11 in the House of Representatives.