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Legislative Priorities


I have been honored to serve District 11 in the House of Representatives and on the Appropriations Committee for the past six years. As Chair of Appropriations and a member of the Government Operations and Audit Committee, I have fought for the efficient use of taxpayer dollars, safeguarding the full funding of our State pension and protecting our State trust funds from being used for one-time expenses. Many of my accomplishments as the Appropriations Chair are reflected in prioritizing a State budget that never exceeds revenues.

I am also proud to say that for the past six years, I have sponsored, co-sponsored and supported legislation based on principles that:

  • Cut Taxes
  • Shrink Government
  • Protect our Families
  • Defend our Constitutional Rights
  • Strengthen & Improve our Education System
  • Ensure a Healthy Business Environment & Keep Government out of Business
  • Improve and Maintain State Highways, Roads and Bridges
  • Protect our Elderly and Disabled
  • Prioritize Justice & Public Safety

10 Reasons to Re-Elect Chris Karr

CONSERVATIVE LEADER:  Six years of proven conservative votes and leadership as Chairman of Appropriations and Majority Whip Leader. Hailed as “Fiscal Champion”, “Principled Leader”, “Champion for Freedom” by Americans For Prosperity.

TAX CUTS: Sponsored and supported bills to cut sales tax, gas and food taxes, and property taxes for the elderly and disabled. SD has strong reserves and surpluses should go back to taxpayers. Dollars are better spent in the hands of tax payers. Government should only spend what it needs.

CONVENTION OF STATES: Consistently supported an Article V Convention of States to reign in the Federal Government on spending and term limits.

FAMILIES: 100% Pro-Family Voting Record from Family Heritage Alliance.

UNBORN: Received an "A" Rating from SD Right to Life.

SECOND AMENDMENT: Our individual 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms  ‘shall not be infringed.’ NRA – “A” Rated

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Led the Appropriations Committee to fund the needs of the Highway Patrol and Division of Criminal Investigation, so they can fight the drug epidemic, investigate murdered and missing indigenous people and replace life-saving equipment, to name a few. 

HIGHER EDUCATION: Led the way in streamlining academia and finding efficiencies in our Regental Universities (SB55) and worked with Universities and Technical Colleges to freeze tuitions increases (FY2023)

CONSERVATION: Sponsored and supported funding to provide long-term clean up of the Big Sioux River and adjoining water ways.

COMMUNITY: Championed support for Community Support Providers and organizations that care for individuals with disabilities and mental health needs – including Lifescape, Dakotabilities, Volunteers of America.

I have served in several leadership roles in the House of Representatives and I have worked hard to be an effective leader and work with all members of the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch – but there is still more work to be done.

I would like the opportunity to further address the issues that face South Dakota by representing District 11 in Pierre and I would greatly appreciate your support. I am asking for your vote on June 7th!